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  There are many “Marketing Agencies” claiming to bring you a huge increase in patients, but many fall short of your expectations. Then there are specialty plastic surgery marketing agencies that can actually deliver what they promise. Our motto here at Operation Local Domination is “Actions Speak Louder Than Words”. Take a FREE 10 Day test drive of our specialty marketing services for a plastic surgery clinic today!  So, what are you waiting for? Leaders take action, while followers stand still. 

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We Create Unique plastic surgery marketing strategies

We are a U.S. Based plastic surgery marketing firm. We are also one of the few medical marketing companies that focus strictly on marketing for cosmetic surgeons. Don’t be fooled when a marketing agency approaches you, and tries to sell you on their pipe dreams. A majority of marketing agencies cater to a wide variety of industries. You should know that you don’t go to a chiropractor to get a haircut. The same principle applies to digital marketing.  It’s an absolute must to have someone that specializes in one field to accomplish one goal. That one goal is to generate new patients on a monthly basis like clockwork. Click the learn more button below to get a deeper understanding of our work ethic here at Operation Local Domination.

We Solve Real Problems

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Do you already have a marketing plan in the works?  Have a marketing agency , but they’re under performing for you? Have a way to connect with all your patients, and keep existing patients coming back? Are your new patients segmented properly? Contact us today so we can get started working on a strategised marketing plan of action for your medical practice. Just remember, the longer you wait, the more patients your competitors gain. Click on the More Services button to schedule a strategy session today!  

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Social Media

Social media marketing can pay huge dividends for your medical practice IF done correctly. We emphasize on IF, because 98% of marketers do it incorrectly. However, you've hit the jackpot because we're in the top 2 percentile my friend.

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S.E.O stands for search engine optimization. 91% of internet searches happen on Google. 92% of the businesses on Google's first page receive the inquiries. In other words, if you're not on the first page, you're losing tons of money. We can get you there, no doubts about it.

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PPC means Pay-Per-Click. Pay Per Click happens when someone clicks on your advertisement on Google Adwords. Depending on the skillset of your marketer, PPC ads can be a very profitable venture for your cosmetic surgery practice.

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Having a planned and strategic marketing venture is crucial for your practice's survival. Each medical practice is unique. We will build you a customized solution to tackle all your marketing needs for your individual practice.

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Web Design

Our web design is second to none. Besides being great at marketing, we're great at building modern websites based on performance, and functionality. If you us, just test our competitor's sites against ours over at Google's page tester.

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Content Marketing

As the saying goes in the marketing world, content is KING! Learning how to sell cosmetic surgery doesn't have to be a headache for you. That's where we come in. Let the folks at Operation Local Domination do all the heavy lifting for your medical practice.

Food for Thought
Why you should hire a plastic surgery marketing agency

Put your medical practice on the digital marketing map, for a variety of surgical procedures.

A survey finds that seventy-six  (76%) of adults in North America use the internet for research before they make a purchasing decision. 

And nearly eighty percent (80%)  have looked on-line for data concerning health topics. Topics such as specific diseases, treatments, or procedures for the face and body. Leave the cosmetic surgery marketing to us, so you can focus on what you do best, nip and tuck procedures. 

Some More Food for Thought
Marketing your cosmetic practice

Whether your practice needs a little help, or a major upgrade, we’ll be here for you. By the year 2020, digital marketing will account for 83% of the marketing world. It will make traditional marketing methods seem like ancient technology. So all that money wasted on billboards, or on radio advertisements will definately be a thing of the past. So in other words, we want you to get the best bang for your hard earned bucks. 

Another thing to consider when it comes to marketing your plastic surgery practice is your staff. Does you staff have adequate sales training in place? So you might think your staff does a good job of getting new patients through your doors. However, as with most medical practices, the staff is severely under trained in the art of closing sales leads.

Now the dessert
Plastic Surgery Marketing Plan

Don’t you think it would be nice to track every nickel and dime that goes into your marketing campaigns? Well, so do we. We do our best to ensure that your dollars will stretch further than ever before. Do you remember tracking data from billboards you used? Which billboards were working for you? And which ones weren’t? There was no way to track which signs were working. So you were unable to track how much money you were losing with traditional methods of marketing. One thing is certain, technology is a blessing to modern business owners. 

Never before in the history of business, has there been such a sure fire way to sustain the life of your business as there is with digital technology. Oh boy, does that make us happy as heck! Well, enough chatter for now, there is only one thing to do, and that’s to schedule a customized strategy plan of action. So, get on it, dog gone it!  What are you waiting for?