plastic surgery lead generation

Plastic Surgery Lead Generation

These numbers are insane, and they’re continuing to climb every year! Almost 18,000,000 plastic surgery procedures were completed in 2019, yes 18 million! A 2% boost over 2018 and also an outstanding 163% rise has occurred since 2005.

More than ever before, successful cosmetic surgeons need to be utilizing a gameplan to take full advantage of the digital marketing era.

Today’s clients spend many hours online and are seeing between 100-150 advertisements in a single day. What are they searching for? Are they looking into breast augmentations, nose surgical treatments, tummy tucks, hair transplants, or other cosmetic surgery treatments? 

Do your ads stand out enough to get them to click on the advertisement? Is your website fully optimized for the search engines? If not, you want to make certain they are finding your plastic surgery practice or various procedures online.

Lead Generation

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When somebody submits their information for a deal on your brand-new landing page, they are instantly rerouted to a “Thank you” page. They get an alert about their next action – to ask if they would like to schedule a visit with the cosmetic surgeons of the advertising doctor’s practice.

The automated email system will then wait a day or two, to check to see if they have decided yet and, if not, send them out another more detailed advertising campaign. The system moves them into a support project if 3-5 days go by and they still have not asked for a visit.

Re-targeting projects include 5 to 10 e-mails (in kind of a newsletter) with diverse material. It can be an individual message from the cosmetic surgeon, client reviews & stories, Frequently Asked Question details, celebs who enjoy plastic surgery, and so on.

Plastic Surgery Leads

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Don’t just rely on your reputation alone. Put marketing professionals to work for you. One of the most important aspects of plastic surgery lead generation is for users is to locate well-liked and trusted plastic surgeons. 

Cosmetic surgical procedures are quite expensive and therefore the potential patients must locate some high-performing surgeons with acceptable pricing. This will ensure that a surgeon has adequate leads and valuable potential patients for many years

Many patients have never had the task of finding the right plastic surgeon to take care of their needs.


 So like many other people, they have no idea where to start looking for the surgeons and surgical procedures that would be right for them.

How To Sell Plastic Surgery

 A good reputation management system in place can pay huge dividends when it comes to patient referrals.

The good news is that if you do not have a system in place for managing online reputation, we can set that up for you right away, and monitor patient reviews 24/7.

 You will be among the list off cosmetic surgeons with the highest patient satisfaction in your area. 

 Plastic surgery lead generation involves simply choosing the surgeons that have the highest percentage of satisfied clients.

After all, most medical journals contain an up to date listing of the top surgeons in your area.

Local Marketing

Many local directories provide business ratings or ratings by profession. No doubt that patients will check them out and pick the surgeons with the highest percentage of published, and highly rated testimonials.

They can also browse online forums and discussion boards to find out more about a surgeon’s credentials. On forums, you can set up your medical profile where you can answer questions about your cosmetic practice procedures or your success rate with a particular procedure, etc.
 Many forums and discussion boards will allow you to submit questions to the general public directly, which will make you aware of their biggest concerns, or common questions. 
That kind of information is golden because you then can create advertising campaigns for lead generation based on those concerns. 

Nurture All Your Interested Leads

The amount of time spent coming up with advertising content can be days, even weeks. And with that nugget of info, we just saved you a couple thousand dollars of trial and error.


With these two sources of online hangouts, you should be able to narrow down your patient demographic to a very small number of patients that you should meet up with and conduct a consultation.


 When interviewing your potential patients make sure you keep an open mind and listen intently to their explanations about their biggest issues and problematic concerns. Having a system in place to handle their objections can easily increase your closing rates by up to 55%! 


 Many times you will find out that you already have a lot of information that you already know and feel comfortable with, but that’s not always the case.

 Treat each patient as if they were your family member and they’ll love you forever. 


Take the time to have the patient meet all of your surgical staff. This interaction will make them feel trustworthy in choosing you over your competitors.

 You should be able to find out how well your staff is in answering a broad range of questions and make sure they always provide exceptionally great customer service.


Lead generation involves finding out all you can about your patient’s concerns as well as their medical history, unfortunately, some leads will have to be turned away for not qualifying for cosmetic surgery. 


You can save lots of time by having online questionnaires in place before you even meet with him or her. 

Being prepared for all types of patients will help you get a better idea of the type of surgeon you are known as or becoming.


Before you book an appointment with any plastic surgery lead you will want to find out as much information as possible about the patient. 

You will want to know if he or she has any previous complications, or has any pending lawsuits against other, just to beware of scammers, and lawsuit abusers.


As you may know, some surgeons will work on any patient that comes through their practice’s doors. 


Make sure you know everything beforehand to avoid any headaches. 


These are the few steps you can take that will surely make you a plastic surgery lead generation machine. Use them and you will quickly build your list of potential plastic surgery patients and surgical procedures.


You can get new patients by traditional newsletters, but that way will take about a year to get them into your practice.

 Newsletters are nothing more than general people looking for general answers to basic questions. 

Typically these are people that are not interested in having procedures done.


The outcome, a substantial boost in your lead-to-conversion rate all without your personnel needing to lift a finger. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a free strategy session, simply reach out to us below. #OperationLocalDomination