One of our very first plastic surgery clients was looking for an honest plastic surgery marketing agency after being burned twice by their previous ‘agencies’. Their main objective was to get more leads to their website to ultimately schedule more consultations.

PPC Case Study

Strategy Build

Before we proceeded, we performed PPC campaign audits for our client.

1.) Researched the analytics of ad accounts to find critical deficiencies.

2.) Analyzed the current website for performance bottlenecks. Reverse engineered current ads that were on the cusp of breaking through. A complete overhaul of current landing pages, with split tests after team compliance.

3.) Optimized on retargeting campaigns to squeeze out the most bang per buck in the shortest amount of time.

Highly Satisfied Clients

ppc case study siling doctor


 After a team review of their account history, it became evident that their Adwords account was operating incorrectly. We deleted countless campaigns that were simply wastes of advertising dollars so we could restructure accounts for the best results. Campaigns and ad groups weren’t as tightly themed as they might be plus they weren’t using proper keyword targeting and bidding optimization strategies.

Consequently, display campaigns were also made which enabled us to proactively target users within their area that match certain criteria. Lastly, we also recommended that a branded effort be created as it was probable that the clinic’s name and the physician’s name was something which people were likely searching. Having a branded campaign is essential because ensures the top position may be kept in both paid and rankings which affirms the brand’s strength and user perception. Overall, they saw an increase of 55% in PPC advertisements.

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