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We are a small team of marketers that are 100% dedicated to a plastic surgeons digital marketing success. We are a Veteran-Owned business based in the United States. Online marketing is a procedure we take very seriously here at Operation Local Domination. Whether you’re looking to hire an agency, or try to do it yourself, we aim to help you along your marketing journey.

plastic surgery marketing business plan

Plastic Surgery Business Plan

  When it comes to plastic surgeons digital marketing, you want an agency that specializes in one area. And we want to implement an all-out marketing strategy that reigns supreme over your competition. Never settle for second best. In all honesty, all we care about at Operation Local Domination is making you the #1 plastic surgeon in your city. We will develop a killer marketing strategy custom built to suit all your digital marketing needs. So, when you begin your endeavors, ask yourself these few questions:

  • Do you have a solid marketing plan in place? 
  • Does anyone in your office know how to analyze the analytical data to better optimize your ad spend? 
  • Is there an effective, well structured remarketing campaign for the 20+ different types of ads you’re running? 
  • Do you know how to test different variables for different demographics to find a winning advertisement? 
  • Is there a proven strategy in place to optimize your website forms?
  • Does your practice have an effective social media marketing strategy in place? 

   And that’s only one-third of setting up a digital marketing sales system. We can go on, and on. We can tell you the rest of what you need to start growing your patient list, but we think you get the point. Digital marketing is tedious, and a well-structured way to successfully grow your practice. You don’t have the time to do all the detailed work, therefore it’s best to hire an agency.  So, that’s where Operation Local Domination comes in. We have a full arsenal of digital weaponry to annihilate your competition. So, are you ready to join the league of extraordinary company? If your response is a big YES, press the button down below to get started. We’ll work together scheduling a customized strategy session for your plastic surgery practice.

  I’m certain you’ve heard this saying times – keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. Correspondingly, we’re not saying your competition is your enemy, but you get what we’re saying right? In the realm of marketing, this is by far a critical strategy towards a make it or break it practice. Nobody likes to be runner-up. It’s in human nature to be number one. 


Some succeed because they are destined to, but most succeed because they are determined to.” -Henry Van Dyke

online marketing for plastic surgeons

Generating New Patients

      Target audience and traffic:

I am certain that you think you have a fair idea of who your clients are, and where they come from. Appropriately, a simple analysis can determine if some of your competitors are bringing in more new patients than you are. If they are, it’d be a good idea to go for the strategies they are going for, but to optimize them a bit to make them more enticing.

Content that matters: It is a misconception that anything that is original will sell more of itself. In our industry, there’s only a limited type of content that gets shared. It could be anything from blog posts, or weekly quizzes and surveys or Q&As. As a result, most content won’t even reach the ideal audience.

          Evaluate Their Tactics:

As we mentioned before, technology allows us to ethically spy on your competitors to see where, and what they are advertising to the public. Sometimes, but not always, it’s best to learn from other’s mistakes instead of your own. Perhaps your competitors realize it better than you do. Additionally, you get acquainted with what doesn’t work. The very best way to progress is to learn through other’s mistakes, do you think not?
So, when they go wrong it is a wise idea to continuously monitor their advertising campaigns. Discover and find out what catches the eye and what exactly doesn’t work with the masses. The secret here is to know exactly where they spend their advertising dollars, and what works for them. Re-engineer their ad campaigns to have a better outcome for you, and your practice. So before they get further ahead of you, schedule a complimentary strategy session with us today. Press the button down below to get started!

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