Plastic Surgery Marketing ideas

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Digital marketing has reached epic proportions, therefore you need to excel in your online marketing. Digital marketing is a $65 billion dollar industry, and it’s still growing!  We’re going to share with you the 15  most important plastic surgery marketing ideas to grow your practice, and dominate your local area! 

Have you always struggled trying to learn how to sell plastic surgery? Do you often find yourself asking, How do the other doctors do it? Getting new patients is no easy task, but the good news is there’s always help. Sometimes, we have to put our ego aside, and let a more skilled professional handle designated task for us.  This is where many plastic surgery practices fail. Doctors like to hire an in-house employee to be in charge of the marketing services. The fact of the matter is, most in-house marketers fail miserably when it comes to digital marketing. 

The most effective way to sell plastic surgery to patients is through search engine optimization (S.E.O).  Thanks to the easy availability of internet access, people easily do research in the palm of their hand. Having a positive reputation online is critical in gaining new patients.  E-mail marketing is another big way to gain plastic surgery patients. Remarketing to past patients through email has already proven to be profitable for most cosmetic surgeons.

11 Plastic Surgery Marketing Ideas

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Are you looking for the best plastic surgery marketing tips, but don’t know where to find them? Successful internet marketing is something that one does not learn overnight. There are so many variables and rules to follow. Furthermore, it’s increasingly easy to get ad accounts shut down, only if you do play by their rules and regulations. Digital advertising has become the #1 method for businesses to advertise with. Once you tap into a good sales campaign, you’ll never have to worry about your practice losing business. If every marketing tool is done with expertise it will always pay huge dividends for you. So, we here at Operation Local Domination would like to share the 11 best marketing strategies for your plastic surgery practice.  As always, remember that the more you learn the more you’ll earn. 

1.)        Become a great Facebook marketer.  Facebook marketing can be HUGE for your plastic surgery practice. However, Facebook is a one of a kind platform. You either wildly succeed with it, our pull your hair out and cease your Facebook marketing. Utilize your Facebook pixel like a pro, and retarget your ads to people that have shown interest. Marketing campaigns with video can be super profitable for you.

2.)       Build an optimized website, or improve your current site. 90% of websites are built improperly. The biggest factors on how well a website is built rely on a few different metrics.  A) Competition in your area B)  Knowledge of your website developer C) User friendliness Etc Etc..

3.)      Don’t be afraid to try new ideas. Just because you haven’t tried a different marketing method, doesn’t mean it won’t work. The only way to find out is to test it.

4.)      Build an optimized YouTube channel. Just like Facebook, Youtube can be a big part of your marketing arsenal. People go to YouTube to learn new things, so create an informative video every 2 weeks.

5.)     Google Ads: PPC  (Pay-Per-Click) when done correctly, brings instant gratification to your pocketbooks.  

6.)  Ask current patients to leave a review. People often forget to leave service reviews, mainly because it’s not part of their normal routine. Send a polite email reminder periodically asking them to share their experience with others. 

7.)   Build numerous local citations.  There are about 50 high authority websites you can gain website authority using local citations from around the web. The more you build the better.

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8.)  Join your local chamber of commerce. It’s always a good thing to get to know other business owners around your local area. Who knows, you may even link up with a future business partner here.

9.)  Hire a professional marketer. Advertising healthcare services takes a skilled individual or team to make it work. You can either hire an in-house employee, or a digital marketing agency.  A highly skilled in-house digital marketing manager is in the average pay range of $65K-75K yearly. Hiring a marketing team will cost you roughly 50% less, and brings you a higher ROI.

10.)  Create free local events. Twice a year, or quarterly events can be beneficial for you practice. It’s always good to hold informative, professional events such as “Everything You Wanted To Know About Plastic Surgery” Etc.

11.)  Giveaways. Quarterly giveaways can be HUGE for introducing your practice to potential patients down the road.

We hope you found these tips beneficial to you. If you require any assistance, drop us a line on our Contact page.

How To Sell Plastic Surgery

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Nowadays the amount of competition among cosmetic surgeons and plastic surgeons is high. It’s not enough to rely only on even a or word-of-mouth referrals
Ask yourself the following five questions about your digital marketing sales campaigns.

Does it:

Convey your passion and proven track record?
Explain in detail the various procedures you offer?
Meet or exceed the other local doctor’s websites?
Create a sense of well-being, and makes prospects want to contact you?
If you didn’t answer a firm yes to these questions, then it’s time to take action and restructure your marketing campaigns. You just can’t go on and continue not having the success you’re capable of achieving.

What you need is a skilled content copywriter for cosmetic and plastic surgeons can improve your online marketing efforts. They will even help you develop a relationship with potential patients before they even meet with you in person. And, they will create the most compelling sales letters to prospective patients preparing them to take the next step. 

If this all seems like it’s beyond your scope of work, feel free to contact us by filling out the form below.