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Plastic Surgery Statistics

Social Media and Plastic Surgery Statistics

There’s no doubt about it, social media has changed the way we live our lives as human beings forever. Picture taking is at an all-time high, aka ‘selfies’. Plastic surgery is not only on the rise for women but also in men! A 31% in 2019 was seen in men electing to go under the knife because men are more self-conscious than ever before. Plastic surgery marketing statistics worldwide are on the rise as well not only in North America.  


When we think of breast augmentation the first thing that comes to mind is a female that is undergoing a boob job, but not so fast. In 2019 breast augmentation saw a drastic increase of men undergoing breast augmentation to correct Gynocomastia. Since 2004 the plastic surgery industry has witnessed a 30% increase in males electing to have cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgery can be done on any portions of the body.  



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Here's a look at the most desired body parts of 2019..

  • Breast augmentation (313,735 procedures, up 4 percent from 2018)
  • Liposuction (258,558 procedures, up 5 percent from 2018)
  • Nose reshaping (213,780 procedures, down 2 percent from 2018)
  • Eyelid surgery (206,529 procedures, down 1 percent from 2018)
  • Tummy tuck (130,081 procedures, about the same as 2018)

Plastic Surgery Statistics by Country

Additionally, the global plastic surgery market is also segmented based on several products that are utilized in surgical procedures. Geographical, North America and Europe dominate the global plastic surgery market a number of the major equipment utilized in plastic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery marketing trends continue to be on the uprise worldwide. Now that is something that every plastic surgeon across the world just loves hearing! With regard to geography and technology-driven advertising, North America and Europe dominate the global plastic surgery market. That is due to a rising age population and high adoption rates of aesthetic products in these regions.

The U.S. represents the largest market for plastic surgery followed by Canada in North America. Nevertheless, Asia’s rise in plastic surgery procedures has seen astronomical growing trends in the medical tourism industry. Growing plastic surgery practices in Asia are all the rage night now, especially in South Korea. Escalation rates are at the highest increase that has ever been seen in the world.

Plastic Surgery Statistics by Men in 2019

The obesity epidemic statistics are shocking. Nowhere else on earth is there a nation with such a widespread problem that is obesity. Around 11 million Americans are morbidly obese. Obesity and related issues are the leading reason for death in America. According to statistics, 71% of non-Hispanic men and 57.6% of females are overweight and of those, 30.2% are men and 30.7% of them are females.

By medical standards, all are classified as obese. Out of the non-Hispanic demographic 67% of the men, and 79.6% of the females are overweight. And out of those percentages, 30.8 % are men, and 51.1% are females, also classified as obese.

Since these statistics all indicate a steady rise in cosmetic surgeries, the incidence of surgery is high. The advantages of bariatric surgery frequently outweigh the risks. Although the risks are high, the health benefits are astonishing both mentally and physically. Self-confidence improves considerably along with physical appearance and health. Patients should be smart about the surgeon that they choose.

Cosmetic Surgery Statistics

A professional plastic surgeon that specializes in cosmetic surgery is a must. Over the previous decade in regard to instrumentation qualities, the surgical mishap risks are decreasing with technological improvements. It is for this specific reason why we feel safer electing to go in for plastic surgery in today’s age. Of the five major categories, the most significant increase was for liposuction. Liposuction saw a 5% increase from the previous year. A majority of the liposuction patients decided to get the procedures done on the upper body versus choosing the lower body. 

For everyone who decided to have the surgeries done, arm lifts and body lifts were the solutions to their personal problem. Post body lifts remove excess skin by eliminating the top layers of fatty tissues. 

This improves the look of the Human Body by drastically lowering the amount of empty skin. Arm lifts also eliminate hanging, empty skin, frequently giving patients the confidence of wearing short-sleeved or sleeveless t-shirts for the very first time in years. Self-confidence improves considerably along with physical appearance and mental health. 

Statistics for 2020 and Beyond

Liposuction carries on to be the gold standard in body contouring due to its versatility, efficiency and efficacy, said ASPS President Alan Matarasso, MD. With liposuction, one treatment can be all that’s needed to reshape problem areas. An experienced plastic surgeon can treat multiple areas of the body all during a one-day session if the patient chooses to do so, and most patients usually agree.

Liposuction also offers a more consistent and predictable result compared to non-invasive therapies. Fresh non-surgical fat reduction machinery carries on to evolve, and play a part in reshaping different regions of the body.

Though the two facial procedures in the top 5, nose reshaping and eyelid surgery saw very minor decreases, those numbers actually increased when it comes to male patients having procedures done. Albeit both decreased marginally, patients are now picking among more choices than ever before in the past, once again thanks to social media, and the feeling of wanting to be accepted as attractive.

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