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Selling Plastic Surgery

How To Sell Plastic Surgery

Do you struggle finding ways on how to sell plastic surgery?

Do you know how to craft landing pages to help you acquire lots of new patients?

Selling your cosmetic procedure services is no easy task. The average price for 1 procedure ranges from $3500-$5000, and converting new leads is a multi-step sales process. 

A successful surgical advertisement leads prospects to your website. Your website must make a great first impression or your lead will leave within the first 3 seconds.

That’s how quickly the human mind makes a buying decision subconsciously. So your plastic surgery website must follow the guidelines that make people want to purchase a procedure.
Your website is a promotional device for your practice. We’ll teach you how to sell plastic surgery by describing proven methods on this page.

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A well-crafted landing page can be the make or break point of patient’s buying journey.
It can provide a detailed explanation for each of your specific surgical procedures.

Providing a convincing method along with patient reviews for each kind of surgery is ideal. Be sure to include persuasive visuals along with solid before and after pics.

Always make sure the landing pages are unique to every surgical procedure.

Providing a convincing method along with patient reviews for each kind of surgery is ideal. Be sure to include persuasive visuals along with solid before and after pics.

Always make sure the landing pages are unique to every surgical procedure.

Various landing pages that are known to convert leads into patients include the following:

  • Breast enhancement — augmentation, raise, reduction
  • Facial contouring — rhinoplasty, chin, or cheek enhancement
  • Facial rejuvenation — facelift, eyelid raise, neck elevate, a forehead carry
  • Body contouring — tummy tuck, liposuction, gynecomastia treatment
  • Pediatric plastic surgical treatment — correcting deformities from delivery disorder, injury or illnesses
  • Reconstructive surgical procedure — solving developmental abnormalities from trauma, contamination, tumors or disorder
  • Related non-surgical processes — chemical peels, dermal fillers, collagen fillers, laser remedies, botox

Cosmetic Surgery Advertisement

Each landing page must give the impression that you are uniquely qualified to perform that specific type of surgical treatment. 

When a prospective patient is comparing your services to other surgeons in the local area, yours has to stand out from the crowd.

You can set yourself as the leader in your local industry by way of your landing pages. This ultimately can be the deciding factor of your next new patient. 

Landing pages are acting as your silent sales-team partner.

They are designed to persuade your prospects that you’re the best plastic surgeon with the optimum solution to their problem.

According to many plastic surgery companies, your landing pages are “where visitors convert to leads and leads convert to consultations.”

What is recommended is to write your landing pages with a 2 angle approach. 

1) To educate every reader, and 

2) To influence them to make a specific decision.

Now those actions should be:

  • Get them to subscribe to your blog
  • Have them download a free guide on surgical procedures
  • Ask them if you can send additional information
  • Scheduling a Free Consultation
  • Talking with a Team Nurse
  • Signing Up to Attend a Special Event (i.e. educational seminar)

Now each one of these methods is designed to acquire a potential designed to obtain a potential patient’s email address, other contact information and maybe their phone number if desired.

And once you have those details, you now have the means to continue marketing to these prospects through what’s called re-targeting.
Re-targeting is done by sending the prospect different advertising messages. The messages can be of information on specials you’re offering, new products or services, upcoming events and more. 

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How do you market plastic surgery?

Your patients are your first-rate source for additional services by referrals.

 So although they’ve had their surgery and no longer visit your office, you can still stay in contact with them.

Having a regularly-up to date blog written via a professional copywriter is a fantastic marketing tool. These days it’s pretty much mandatory to have an ongoing blog.

Search engines love blogs, especially when they’re relevant to your niche and provide the best user experiences for people when they search Google or Bing.

A weekly or monthly blog can encompass such topics as skincare, plastic surgical operation advancements, new cosmetic surgical operations, etc.



Cosmetic surgery advertising strategy

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As a cosmetic surgeon, you always want to represent yourself as a true medical professional.

So how do you sell plastic surgery or promote services as plastic surgeon?

It is a huge benefit to increase your visibility in your local community to attract new patients.
This method is extremely effective for the older community since they aren’t as active online as the younger generation.

This helps by introducing yourself to current sufferers.
Help educate and nurture patients about processes they’ll be considering when undergoing plastic surgery.

Another overlooked option is to ship out ordinary emails, as regularly as every week. This helps to promote new cosmetic procedures or treatments. 

You could also write testimonials that can be educational. Patients gain a sense of credibility when a doctor is explaining things on an educational level.

Whilst your patients and leads lack scientific expertise, they’re still hungry for medical statistics.
They want to know what advantages or disadvantages to expect. Also, they crave to know whether they are a possible candidate.


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How To Sell Plastic Surgery Through Social Media

When you have a Facebook or Instagram page, or even poke around on Twitter, then you understand how beneficial it can be. By being on social media your patient leads can come in cheaper than you would pay for on Google.

Of course, paid alternatives can play a huge part in your practice’ss success, but even if you don’t have advertising finances, you may benefit from selling your services on social media.

Social media allows you to:

Get Found
Generate highly qualified leads
Earn referrals
Get repeat patients

Social media enables you an endless array of interesting subjects. It is a great mechanism to introduce new services, and new equipment, procedures, etc.
Introducing these on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube can help you gain a flood of new patients if done properly of course.

Social media can supply your plastic surgery practice with lots of publicity and treasured visibility.

Offline and 3rd Party Advertisement

When it comes to offline advertising, it’s up to you if you want to continue these methods or just simply abandon them. Methods like advertising on TV and radio can save you thousands of dollars every month.
The majority of your marketing budget should be moving mainly toward the online world. Online marketing allows you to track where every cent is being spent, unlike traditional methods.

Converting Email Sequences

After your leads sign up with their email addresses, you can then send them your custom messages for each cosmetic service you provide.

 The main focus of the messages is to persuade them why they need to go through with the procedure of their choice.

This is where it’s a great idea to send them before and after pictures. You want to paint a picture in their mind of what they would look like when their body undergoes a dramatic change. 

When they see the final results they are pleased. Persuasive copywriting is the main ingredient of a successful email campaign. But if you’re unsure how to word the email campaigns, have an expert copywriter touch them up.

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To be clear, the sentiment of online reviews must come from the actual person, however nowadays fake reviews are a common practice. 

At the beginning of 2019, advanced software became better at spotting fake reviews. It’s also helpful to know how to combat a competitor’s fake reviews.

There’s a right way and a wrong way to ask patients for reviews. One way to get reviews is by offering incentives for their time. Although that may not be your first choice, it’s often the most effective.

Sharing patient reviews on your landing pages and your website is another easy way to let people know how great you are. However, those aren’t the only ways to showcase your reviews. You can encourage your patients to also submit their reviews on:


Fantastic opinions have a cost as well in all your advertising and marketing materials. Don’t hesitate to include them in brochures, income letters, weblog posts, and ads.

Digital Marketing In The 21st Century

It’d be rather silly to assume that digital marketing isn’t essential to your cosmetic practice. But the truth is, it’s how today’s most successful cosmetic surgical treatment centers are flourishing.

At the base of your online marketing is your website. Having a well-written layout for your website can be the difference of staying in business, or packing up your bags and closing up for good.

Hiring a professional copywriter and marketing manager can cost you upwards of $100,000 yearly. Hiring a marketing agency can save you thousands of dollars every month, yet yield more revenue for your practice.

It truly pays in hiring a dedicated firm that knows strategic advertising for plastic/beauty surgeons.
Doing that will help ensure the cash you invest in promoting your services gives you a solid foundation to grow.

Cosmetic Surgery Marketing For Men

The stigma of plastic surgery for guys maintains to break down every year. Focusing on men has gone from being a smart business decision to being a critical element of your marketing approach.

Popular male surgical treatments including rhinoplasty, ear surgery, brow lifts, and eyelid surgery.
Operations continue to grow in reputation for guys at a faster than for women.
Other methods, which are flourishing include hair transplants, mainly marketed to men. Without any doubt, the male marketplace is a growing one. Ignoring this sector is going to mean that you’ll be left in your competition’s dust in a few years while they continue to explode. This strategy is critical on how to sell plastic surgery in the 21st century.

Selling Of In-Office Merchandise

A remarkable way to boost revenue at your surgical center is to offer in-office sales merchandise along with skin care creams, books, and different splendor gadgets.

Those products can act as “impulse buy” items for patients if stored at your practice’s front desk on the way towards exiting.

This is a strategic and psychological means of advertising that’s beyond what doctors think of. Mindfully deciding on the unique gadgets sold at your medical practice can easily manipulate a patient’s mind.

Also, having a good seller at the desk plays a big role, they must be prepared for the common questions people may have.